Tuesday, September 29, 2009

For Derrion Albert

Today inspiration has found it's way back to me

It started out as any other Monday morning
sleep in my eyes
blessings and curses on my lips
No coffe today
didn't have time to make it.

I began my work day
enriching the lives of others
didn't know that I was going to indirectly feel the agony of a childless mother
expecting to hear Michael and George cracking jokes
but their voices didn't bring laughter
saddness and despair are the emotions they evoked

Telling the story of 16 yr old
Derrion Albert
beaten to death
an inicient bystander.
By a group of his peers
no guns or knives necessary;
just two by fours and two by fives
five sets of fists
five sets of feet
belong to those who decided to play God.
Now, a life is forever gone
transceded to the spiritual world
while here on this earth
3 other lives are taken.

Boys tried as men
in a court of law
jury filled with their "peers"
but we know, that's not the case.
Life sentences staring them in the face.

Wanting the judge to have mercy
yet he is not the One
so to a deeper part of hell they go
to roast and burn.
Images of their actions
causing them to toss and turn
sleepless nights of fear
because mommy and daddy are not here
to provide

My soul cries out
to these young lives lost.
How can people preach about the cross
in this nation "under God"
but continue to ignore
the very evil in front of their eyes.

How long will we continue to encourage this genocide?
soldiers falling daily, at the hand of comrads,
"my bad"
insignificatn to console the ones involved.

I refuse to sit here while my people die
believing lies
of someone in the sky
coming to resuce us from this hell
when in us is the power to make all well.

So today my inspiration has found its way back to me
when my ears hear the tale
of another soldier
killed on domestic soil
no glory, no honor, no medals
just another young soul
given back to the stars.