Monday, January 31, 2011

On it

6 million
3 hundred
7 thousand
2 hundred
and thirteen seconds
you're on in
my mind


seconds pass 9 with your name on my mind
because with you I vibe

In the purest essence of the word
no parasitic exchange in our world
just building
you... me... a nation.
Just what I've been waiting on
for so damn long.

And I didn't think that it would come in this package
cuz when I was kneeling down asking
I had no idea.
That I knew
but they do say the man that knows something knows nothing at all
and I don't know if I should say this but I'm already starting to fall
awh hell
I may as well
the truth
I already fell

and this here
this is swell

and when I spit this shit I'ma spit it just like this because I want everyone to experience

They say you always know when you have met the one
and I ain't never spoke this shit before
but man
I think you are him
the one I birthed to bring me back to One.

See you may not overstand
because you see a little differently than I do
but man my whole life I been waiting on you and
this is crazy man
yet you feel it too
this is gravy.
Pouring we on us
but what about you
gotta know what you gone do

You spoke of plans
the words of God-King walking in man
I'm just trying to see if you co-creating what you saying
so I can be ya Goddess-Queen
if you know what I mean
baby I got my own plans
we can do this thing....

See I always loved where I grew as a child
it's starting to come together
see mentally
I've been living there for a while.
Guess I was searching for that light
similar to mine
because you know this physicall has no power without that spiritual life line.

Crazy I never thought it could be like this
but shit man
this is crazy and

anybody else that was even in my rolodex
I ain't even studying
and that's for you my friend
and this shit is crazy
when I'm with you
I vibe.

Your lips say things like
I am your key
I unlock you
causing treasures to fall
baby this is what I do
yet you are my key
doing the same thing to me too...

and, it's crazy

because you been on my mind all day...
6 million
3 hundred
7 thousand
2 hundred and 13 seconds


(c) 2011 Enigma


I keep going back to her page
A lioness
Stalkning my prey
Because by the time I’m ready to punce
Every single ounce of essential information
Is mine for the taking
Making THIS
My greatest

Gotta love those folks who introduced Big Broth’a back in the day
Because they lead the way
For me to dissect every single word that she types
the letters sending vibrations
and I’m concentrating
just trying to get a semblance of you.

Because every other line pertains to you
And I know she’s not fronting
Because the vibrations from those letters
I felt the same things for you too.

But as eyes read those lines
A second
And a third time
It starts to boil
The predator that lurks, and every now and then I have to spoil.

So your little friend has the irresistible pleasure of being my prey
This lioness is passed angry that she slipped in and took
The king
Of my jungle
Now we bout to rumble
Call it Foreman vs Ali
And I’ma float like a butterfly
Sting like a bee
Leaving cuts so small
By the time she notices
The blood
It’ll be TOO LATE to scream.

But no horrific
Animalistic scene will this be
I’ma lioness
A lady
I’ma do this

© 2011 Enigma

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Internally Seeded

Who can find a virtuous woman?
Her price
Far above the rubies
Adorning the loving hand’s of this gate keeper.

The gate through which every soul transforms
Then manifests
Created in the womb of Auset,
The light that Jehovah said, “Be”
And she was.

With hands that encompass the strength of David against Goliath
Hands that wash clothes
Soothe kings
Nurture nations.

Yes the creator trust in the heart from which these hands operate
Because this woman

Is endowed,
With righteousness;
The personification of truth.
Fruits of her spirit plant vineyards
Fertilized with the word of God
So deeply rooted
That when she speaks, jewels of wisdom rain out like,
“Don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing”
And even though you many not understand what she means,
You know that God speaks through a queen,
Giving knowledge
to the nations that she
Has birthed.
Covering them with prayers,
because She
Has the power to speak life,
into little children afraid of bullies
And into big children with broken spirits.

She is truly the mother to every soul on the planet.
The comfort provided to give peace
In this created space intended for paradise
Transformed through the eyes of flesh
Into a place far less
Than Eden.

And that’s why she is the gift
Because within her dwells the key to every dream,
Closed eyes dreaming of a place of peace.

Virtuous like
Coretta next to Martin
Assata, standing alone
Like Martha and Edith
Virtuosity internally seeded in every passing thought
Word spoken
Shoulder given,
For tears.

Children arise and call her blessed
And you would start to second guess
If I told you that I, am her
And so are you, and you, and you, and her too.

See virtuous spirit all women possess
The essence of God beats with each thump in our chest
Of the breath
Just have to learn to listen when she speaks.

So the next time that it’s asked, “Who can find a virtuous woman?”
We will heart that strong still voice say
Here she is,

© 2010 Enigma


I wish I had wings
So that I can spread them and fly, up
Out of this reality because it
No longer
To me.

The moment by moment struggles,
Ya’ll I’m tired
Of this battle between my spirit and my flesh
I just need rest
Need wings.

But I’m choking, on ashes, flashes of what my life has been
I try to stand strong but sometimes I just feel like giving in.
2 tears in a bucket
Fu-Get this thing we call life synonymous with the strife that we all go through,
Living paycheck to paycheck;
Dead end job
In a world gone wrong.
I keep asking God WHY?
Saying the same prayers
Singing the same songs
Crying tears ya’ll I’ve cried so long

All souls passed on.
Wonder what verses they would spit
If they were still poets in this script
And at times feeling guilty because I,
Was blessed to see another day.

My numbers say master but how can I build
When moment by moment I create wounds that need love time and prayer to heal.

Do you not hear my screams
Or are you entertained by my pleas of help me?
Ya’ll I just need a little peace
I just wish,
I just wish I had wings.

But I’m choking
In ashes
Of what my life could be.
I’d like to call myself phoenix
But I can’t seem to rise
And regardless of how many times that smokescreen covers my eyes
How high it’ll take me,
Ya’ll I know it’s all lies.
But my mind doesn’t mind being fed stories for a while
Yet my spirit is dying in this unloving place.
I wish you could see my cry for help
And sometimes,
I just wish I had wings
To lift me out of this reality that no longer belongs to me.

And I’ve never known man to spread his arms and fly
But even that won’t stop me
Because my numbers say master
The ashes feel like plaster
Covering the place my wings should be
I’m a clipped angel fallen from Jehovah’s feet
But this thing called life ya’ll,

© October 2010 Enigma

The Air I Breathe

He spit the words from his lips
The magnetic gate from which my breath comes
Unaware that the release of such venom
Put a slight rip in my left atrium
Leaving me wounded;

“Bitch, I hate the air you breathe”
Were the words that he said to me
Because he, like so many others
Did not understand the impact of my reality.

The very center of his universe, the tender fingers realeasing tension
In his shoulders
From him holding
His position as Atlas.

The world on his shoulders,
Got him slumped over
At times feeling like it’s over
The effects that the hatred of him by society causes

Feeling like, he ain’t meant to survive cuz it’s a set up,
But he’s got to keep his head up
So as his woman I place two fingers
Right below his chin,
To remind him to…

That all in life is vanity
To prevent us from evolving spiritually
Keeping us trapped
In this rat maze.

I tell him, that “Greater is He who is in thee that he who is in the world”
And even thought you were misinformed
You’ve got to remember

See I took all that was me and gave birth
To him.
The God inside
Yet he hung me on a cross.
Did Caesar like Brutus
With kisses he betrayed me
Killed me
When that venom sprang from his lips.

I had planted his soil with my seed
Yet he depleted me with four constonants and a vowel.

So no, he didn’t understand
Why I went ham
Thought I was Tyson
But I swung
When I really wanted to bite him.

The tear in my left atrium running deeper
Causing me to fall deepr and deeper
I couldn’t see
Deeper into insanity.

And at this point,
That’a all I remember
And I hope you see that I am not guilty
My actions the result of the injury
I suffered when he spat

“Bitch, I hate the air you breathe”

Because the air I breathed was he, yet he didn’t understand.

© August 2010 Enigma