Monday, January 31, 2011

On it

6 million
3 hundred
7 thousand
2 hundred
and thirteen seconds
you're on in
my mind


seconds pass 9 with your name on my mind
because with you I vibe

In the purest essence of the word
no parasitic exchange in our world
just building
you... me... a nation.
Just what I've been waiting on
for so damn long.

And I didn't think that it would come in this package
cuz when I was kneeling down asking
I had no idea.
That I knew
but they do say the man that knows something knows nothing at all
and I don't know if I should say this but I'm already starting to fall
awh hell
I may as well
the truth
I already fell

and this here
this is swell

and when I spit this shit I'ma spit it just like this because I want everyone to experience

They say you always know when you have met the one
and I ain't never spoke this shit before
but man
I think you are him
the one I birthed to bring me back to One.

See you may not overstand
because you see a little differently than I do
but man my whole life I been waiting on you and
this is crazy man
yet you feel it too
this is gravy.
Pouring we on us
but what about you
gotta know what you gone do

You spoke of plans
the words of God-King walking in man
I'm just trying to see if you co-creating what you saying
so I can be ya Goddess-Queen
if you know what I mean
baby I got my own plans
we can do this thing....

See I always loved where I grew as a child
it's starting to come together
see mentally
I've been living there for a while.
Guess I was searching for that light
similar to mine
because you know this physicall has no power without that spiritual life line.

Crazy I never thought it could be like this
but shit man
this is crazy and

anybody else that was even in my rolodex
I ain't even studying
and that's for you my friend
and this shit is crazy
when I'm with you
I vibe.

Your lips say things like
I am your key
I unlock you
causing treasures to fall
baby this is what I do
yet you are my key
doing the same thing to me too...

and, it's crazy

because you been on my mind all day...
6 million
3 hundred
7 thousand
2 hundred and 13 seconds


(c) 2011 Enigma

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