Monday, March 7, 2011


What causes me discomfort? I asked myself this about two weeks ago, and the rigid virgin part of me is pulling a Homer Simpson for not putting a date at the top of my last entry…


But what causes me discomfort?

I have thought about this but in this moment, I should be able to answer it perfectly because I am in a place of discomfort -from my health to my finances. But, through all this insanity my mind has stayed sound; I have kept my joy because I am aware that the Creator will never leave nor forsake me regardless of what goes on. Besides how could She/He?

What causes me discomfort? I made a list:
• Going to bed late
• Eating pork
• Not reading my textbooks
• Ended relationships
• People telling me what to do or asking what I’m doing
• Feeling that people are trying to play me
• Doing projects instead of living in reality

So what brings me discomfort; to sum it all up, not listening to my Goddess when she speaks, not paying attention to what she tells me. Not living my life of purpose.

I mean life has been cool up until this point- even beautiful-looking through new eyes; my Goddess eyes. But, I no longer have to live like this. That thought has been presented to me many times but I failed to truly see and this is why I am in a state of discomfort. I realize, though, being in discomfort is not a bad thing. We like to perceive it as bad because it doesn’t feel too good. Our little cozy world we have built of complacency, fallacy, etc., soon gets a little tight…uncomfortable; and we find ourselves in a place of discomfort. It may take a few hours or many years but one day if you aren’t living a life of purpose you will get very uncomfortable. But discomfort, I have come to realize, is a place filled with opportunity; like how the depression was for entrepreneurs.

Discomfort is not a place to drown in, it is a place to be reborn.

It’s the place where what we’ve been doing joins with what we now know and conceives… discomfort, and we have the choice to be joyful or ashamed of this act. I choose to be joyful; I am happy about this addition to my family. I am unwrapping my bundle, my levels of discomfort, because it really does hold joy.

Not living my life of purpose causes me discomfort, and like Drake said, “Everybody dies, but not everybody lives”. So I thank you, discomfort, because I choose to start living, TODAY!

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