Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chasing Ghosts

Today, I was driving down that long, sometimes short strip of highway that takes you from the part of town leading to liberty, to that side of town that goes to Georgia.
And shortly after passing the hotdog store, you know, the one that always has people dressed up in that hot, sweat inducing corny looking hot dog suit, dancing
and waving
at you
as if their antics are actually enough to make you take that right turn up into the parking lot,
get out of your air conditioned car
to eat their corny looking lil hotdogs filled with poison.
Nah, me, I always just toot my horn, and keep right on moving.

So, shortly after passing the hotdog store, I see this person; Black,
about 5’7”
white, purple stripped jersey
and some white shorts.
Short shorts
revealing 3 quarters length of the legs.

And the walk, was a mixture of, “ssssh, I know I’m cute
and a walk similar to that of a person suffering from paranoia.
The hair style was short
looked like the curl Faye put in her head.
trying to escape the programming of the perm
incapable of seeing that they were all the same
killing the naturally connecting coils…
You know; naps,
that what you like to call them.

Short, curl styled hair…
and finally I made it to his eyes, 17 years older than his physique portrayed.
like the soles of the shows on my feet,
were the bottom of his eye lids.
Looked like the eyes of a man
who just took that one chance
that lead to more roads of the ghost he was trying to grab hold of.
His mind so blown that
he walks with a switch better than mine,
with just a hint of stank,
to let you know that even thought he may be mistaken for a ooooooo
he will jack
ya grill
with the incomprehensible strength of the hulk.
Chasing ghosts.

Made me think of which ghosts I’m chasing
instead of trying to pity
Looked at me, driving down the street
pretending I have it all together.
When the truth is at times, I don’t know
whether I want to stay
or to leave.
Have Scottie beam me up
because this world
does not belong to me.

Feeling as if I keep waking up, only to have the same dream…
and the hours in between, not much work done so it seems that I am roaming around aimlessly…
like, the guy on bypass 28
running from legions
chasing his ghosts in the streets
chasing my ghosts, continuing to live life asleep
from legions…
Chasing…. ghosts.

© 2010 Enigma


“An essential component of fire is oxygen”
and every word spoken from this poet’s lips is…
oxygen in motion, energy
comprised of verbal infernos
scorching synapses sending signals signifying self to
Out of the dream and into the reality that everything ain’t what it seems;
and walk in line with the highest beings.

“A persistent chemical reaction”
like that of the vibrations proceeding from my center
conceiving insight into paths leading out this prism.
Knowing that their story is our story
that your story is my story
that we are not alone, traveling
on this journey.

“That release heat and light”
from inner being
overstanding what the Kemetics conveyed with the sphinx.
that your lower man submit
to the reign the highest being
Knowing that you were told
One, cannot serve TWO gods
like that of your higher, to your lower being.
So allow your spiritual man to rise
that animal to cease.
And I’m Laying foundations so that my life is the epitome
my lower man serving the highest being
from the root to the crown;

Healing myself, my people, the earth
so that his will be done
like it is in heaven
right here on earth
the image of the creator in me.
“Persistent chemical reactions that release heat and light”
in the form of consonants and vowels
syllables, structure, syntax.

Touching you through showing me
to see
the light.
Eradicate all falsifying
emancipate truth
starting with self then reaching out to you.

Ablazing minds

Now is the time

is the time

By inhaling the essential components of my being
Feel the warmth
climbing then
into the center of your solar system
of a star


The reflections of my words stimulating your mental, spiritual, metaphysical
sense you scorching
the aftermath of this verbal inferno
causing you to have reactions
feet tapping
leg shaking
persistent, persistent,
“persistent chemical reactions”
I know you’re trying come on baby don’t fake it….
“that release heat and light”

Like the words from my mouth
the meditations of my heart:
I told ya,

(c) 2010 Enigma

Sunday, August 15, 2010


I am angry
because I thought I cried my last tear,
But the sun is cradled in the arms of the sky and with this occurrence a new batch of tears has manifest.

I’m not angry because of their reappearance.
I’m angry because with this new expedition I believed that I would finally reach my point,
The point of not return,
The end.

The end of the games
The lying
The playing.
The end of non love being dressed up to look like love because the giver was unaware that outside appearances can indeed look the same.
Failing to realize that it’s the light that shines from within that you must discern.

I believed I had reached the point,
The point of no return.
The point where blows weren’t returned in place of love.
Deceit in place of truth.
Stagnation in place of growth.
Because being at the receiving end, I could no longer take any more...
Blows to this heart of mine
No more deceit transferred as truth within my mind.
No more promises of “baby I’ll do better” only to sit and wait and wait and sit
And at 7 seconds to the final hour realize that better was really a euphemism for
Technically never.

Through those season I cried so many tears.
Tears from the corner of my eyes,
Some falling from the inside and outside
Or filled to the rim and over flowing
Even though I tried my damnedest to keep them in.

I cried hurt tears
Scared, sometimes terrified tears,
I can’t do this shit no mo’ tears.
I’ll kill this nigga tears
Oh so this mofo must think I’m stupid tears
But he really bout to see my crazy, tears.

I cried confused, unhappy, unwanted, unappreciated, uncelebrated...
Cried so many tears for 28 seasons.

So when the seasons changed, I thought I would no longer need the tears
After all, for everything there is a season.
And I had passed through so many deaths, that I believed this was finally my season of life.
And it was, it is, but even in life, you cry...

Tears of happiness, renewal, growth.
Tears because what I had been through I don’t have to go through anymore.
Tears because where I am, is no longer where I was and where I’m going...
I control.

But, regardless of the season and who is or isn’t on the expedition with me
I can count on my tears because they continuously cleanse
Allowing me to release.

(c) Enigma May 28, 2010