Monday, January 18, 2010

Sweet Dance

These lines will have to suffice as your ears
Because I don’t know how your mental would react to hear my voice say…

See my eyes closed with the image of your frame on my canvas.
Coming closer
Your lips
To find their partner
And allow our tongues to mate.
A dance where the drums are hypnotic
The high hat controls the tempo
And the bass
While my temperature riiises.

And in my mind are the words “take me”.
As if on key
To my request
Your left arm takes its rightful place
Around my waist
Becoming the bridge to the land of satin.

And suddenly the dance stops.
Then picks up,
The beat
Has changed
And your lips kiss praises on the left side of my neck.
Your breath
In tune with mine.
Then it ad libs as my breath quickly intakes
With the clasp of your teeth on my dark chocolate- nestle wish they had my recipe- peaks.
And with each lick,
You devour,
Until not a bite is left.
Leaving drops of chocolate in the valley, up the side of the mountain, to remain on the apex.
Until you have had your fill.

Tracing circles deeper into the dark
Then stopping
But the song has changed again,
And you…
Waltz, to the edge, taking your time,
While more footsteps
Linger at the twin’s peak
Waiting to see if it is safe to wander forward.

And then you find it.
So beautiful the jewel
That you praise the gods for it in strokes.
“How many did they say it took to get to the center”?
I lose count, so your question goes unanswered.
But my moans tell your fingers to enter the stage to dance within
The Hershey’s kisses melting cave.
for the pool
To be stirred.
In circles
In and out
Just a preview of what this ole sweet dance is about.

See this dance scene was played on my mind's canvas.
And today,

But I just didn’t know if you could stand to hear
The humming
From within.
So I just kept it to myself but confided, with my pen. Until the day when my dream transforms into reality.

(c) Enigma January 18, 2010