Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Go Round That Bend!

Since I’m such the perfect lil authoress I had found a piece of scrap paper in my purse to write my many epiphanies on for my latest blog. Since I also have a problem with completion and consistency, at the moment, I cannot find it. I am not going to let that stop me, because earlier today I was preaching about “’by any means necessary’. Isn’t that what Malcolm X said”? So by any means necessary this blog will get written and that’s just that.
So, I live in the country and one day I was riding around because I did not want to go home. So instead of taking routes that I was familiar with I got a little… adventurous and turned left onto this road that I had been down once before, but turned around after getting about five minutes into the ride because I was scared of getting lost. But on this day, I went farther came to another stop sign and went left because another car went in that direction. I kept riding, admiring the scenery, which only consisted of grass, trees, and houses but I was enjoying what I saw. Being in nature, or in my case, riding through it is calming. I keep straight and come to another stop sign and turned left again. I would have kept going straight but I saw a sign that said “end of state maintenance” so that meant; turn around. When I turned around I made a left on a little side road. Now mind you, I am riding down this road scared as hell. Ask me why. And I couldn’t tell you because it was daylight, I had gas in my car, my doors were locked, seat belt on, but I was scared. Scared to get lost, what if I got a flat and my phone couldn’t find a signal and I died out there. Or worse the KKK see me riding around and lynch my black ass. All kind of thoughts were going through my mind. I kept going straight and came into a curvy part of the road, going around the curve I felt like I was in the mountains but I was only 15 mins from my house so I couldn’t be in the mountains right? So I kept going and I seen one of those signs that lets you know a curve is coming up.. a crucial curve at that, but I keep going. I go around a small curve; not so bad. I keep going and there is a deep right angle curve and there are no more trees beside the road there is rock and to my right is a steep drive way with a house down in the cut, man you should have seen me pulling down in that drive way and backing my ass up out of there! I was too through; I thought I was in the mountains.

Leaving the road I was thinking about coming back because man something inside of me just wanted me to keep going straight. I tried to convince a guy friend of mine to come take me down the road, he wouldn’t or at least didn’t in enough time for me. I mentioned it to another friend, no response, I mentioned it to several friends but none of them really seemed too thrilled about it. But I had to go, every time I came to the stop sign that began my adventure I wanted to make that left and keep going, I even wanted to do it at night, but come on son, I’m not that crazy. Well one day I had to pick a friend up from work and I asked her, “you wanna go on that rode” all see had to do was slightly open her mouth for a yes and I was already turning going in that direction. So we riding, and she’s enjoying the scenery and talking, and we get to the infamous curve and she says “Cole we must be up pretty high because I see the tops of trees” told ya’ll I was in the mountains! So we keep going, through that curve and made a left and kept straight. Well we didn’t see any more deep curves or rock for that matter but when we came to our last stop sign guess where we were, right on a road that is beside my church!

My friend and I went to our house and had a good laugh about the event. She joked about me praying asking if I could take someone around the bend with me, and even though I didn’t get a definite yes I still acted upon it. She described herself as the willing… partner ride or die and ready for anything and we just laughed. Laughed about how smoothly I had gotten her to ride with me, but as usual with us, the conversation got deep. I wanted to go around the road, but I was afraid to do it by myself even though something in my called out for me to do it. As the driver I have the drive the initiative to get something started, the fearlessness –as long as I can bring someone with me. And my passenger, is willing, open to whatever may come, but had to realize that she does not need another person to drive her because the Creator is always driving her…. Who knew that all of this could come from a little exploring?

So what in your life are you afraid to go around the bend on? Do you feel that you are incapable or unworthy of doing it without grasping the hand of someone to venture off with you? Or are you waiting for a driver ignoring the fact that the Driver lives within you? Don’t be afraid. Go, GO NOW! “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always be where you’ve always been”, and you already know what is behind you. When you venture out to something new trust that God is taking care of you and will ride with you, safely, to wherever it is you need to be, with newer heights of awareness to accompany you along the way. Go! GO NOW!

© 2011 Enigma

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